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What UV Protection Means to You

What is UV Light?

Like visible light, UV light consists of electromagnetic radiation. However, what sets it apart from visible light is its much shorter wavelength, which is the measurable distance between successive crests in the wave. This is important because electromagnetic with shorter wavelengths are more energetic, which provides them with an increased potential to cause harm through prolonged exposure.

It is important to note that sunlight consists of UV light as well as electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths such as infrared and visible light. Most of the UV light will never manage to reach the surface of the Earth because of the atmosphere, but enough will pass through it to cause a wide range of effects in both humans and our creations.

Why Does UV Light Matter?

In the context of cable ties, UV light matters because prolonged exposure to UV light can damage the synthetic polymers used to make them. The exact nature of the damage can see significant differences depending on the exact makeup of the material, but common examples range from erosion to a loss of elasticity with all associated consequences. In some cases, prolonged exposure to UV light can even cause the material to weep, leaving behind unpleasant residues that stick to the skin with which it comes into contact.

As a result, cable ties that are exposed to UV light break down much faster than under other conditions, which can be rather problematic for people who want to make use of them outside of the home.

How Can You Protect Your Cable Ties From UV Light?

If you are intending to use cable ties outside of your home, then the simplest and most straightforward method that you have for protecting them from UV degradation is to purchase cable ties made using UV-resistant materials. In most cases, this means materials that have been mixed with UV stabilizers, which absorb the energy contained in UV light so as to keep it from interacting with the rest of the material before acting to dissipate it in a harmless form as heat.

By taking this measure, you ensure that you cable ties can be used outside without a constant need for replacements, thus saving you both time and effort. This is particularly convenient considering the outdoor uses that cable ties can be put towards, with examples ranging from bundling cables to making temporary repairs.

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