Laser Etching FAQ

Below you will find many of the common questions that are asked about our laser etching process. If you don't see the information you are looking for please contact our customer service department via Live Chat, Telephone: 877-626-2010, or by email: [email protected]

What is laser etching?
Laser etching is a custom service provided by SecureCableTies. We use a high-powered precision laser to etch/burn text directly on to the product.

Laser etching vs printing?
Printed or even silk-screen products can wear down over time and lose the information printed on them. With laser etching, the information is etched/burned directly onto the product. This cuts down on the chances of the information rubbing off or fading.

How does ordering work?
Once your order is placed you will be contacted by one of our laser specialists to go over the final design of your product.
An image of one sample proof will be emailed for approval before production starts.
A sample proof can be mailed for an additional $25 charge.
After approval of the proof, production will start on your items.
Once production starts the order cannot be canceled.

What is the lead-time for production?
Once the proof is approved production can start. Production can take anywhere from 5-7 business days, depending on the size of the order.

How many characters will fit per line?
That depends on the product being purchased and the size of the font. Some products will have more space for a larger font while others will have less space and might require a smaller font. Once your order is placed a laser specialist will work with you to finalize the design.




What style font is used for the laser etching?
For all laser etching, we use the Lucida Console font which is sans serif and monospaced.

Can I request a custom font?
No custom fonts can be requested at this time.

What file format is required for graphics?
Graphics must be uploaded in vector format (AI, PDF, EPS SVG). Bitmaps such as png, jpg, gif are not compatible.

Can graphics be color?
Graphics cannot be color. Please make sure vector images are sent as a solid black color.

Can I cancel/return my order?

Once production starts orders cannot be canceled.

Due to the custom nature of these products, there are no returns unless the product is physically defective. A defective product will be determined by our product specialists.

custom laser etching
custom laser etching
custom laser etching