3 1/2 Inch Black Hook and Loop Tie Wrap - 7 Pack

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Secure™ Hook and Loop Tie Wraps are a great choice for countless applications with their simplicity, versatility and low-cost. They can be used in new building construction, network installations, home theaters, in the office, or any bundling project. Our Hook and Loop Ties are highly recommended for securing fiber optic cables; they are adjustable and don’t pinch. Hook and Loop Wraps are not only designed for cables and can be used to secure virtually anything. A wide selection of colors and lengths ensures trouble-free color coding and quick identification. Secure™ Hook and Loop Cable Tie Wraps can be replaced and readjusted in almost no time and require no tools. Our 6 and 8 Inch Hook and Loop Cable Tie Wraps have a minimum shear strength of 10 lbs. and minimum peel strength of .38 lbs.

Products specifications
Length3 Inch
ManufacturerSecure™ Cable Ties
Peel Strength0.38 Lbs
TypeTie Wrap
Width1/4 Inch
Weight (Lbs)0.00
AvailabilityIn stock