18 x 1 Inch Fire Rated Black Cinch Strap - 5 Pack

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SKU: VCF-18X1005-BK
GTIN: 00846949005719
Manufacturer: Secure™ Cable Ties
Secure™ Fire Rated Hook and Loop Cinch Straps are the best choice when needing to secure large bundles due to their simplicity, strength and versatility. Our Fire Rated Cinch Straps make even the most daunting tasks stress-free and can be used for more than just cables including but not limited to: new building construction, network installations, home theaters, in the office or any bundling project. Secure™ Fire Rated Hook and Loop Cinch Straps are great for bundling hoses, tubing, cables and are commonly used for fiber optic bundles; they are adjustable and don’t pinch. A wide selection of colors and lengths ensures trouble-free color coding and quick identification. Secure™ Fire Rated Hook and Loop Cinch Straps have a rectangular ring for increased strength over typical Hook and Loop Tie Wraps. Our Fire Rated Cinch Straps have a minimum shear strength of 19.8 lbs. and a minimum peel strength of .76 lbs.
Products specifications
Length18 Inch
Shear Strength19.8 Lbs
Peel Strength0.76 Lbs
TypeCinch Strap
Min Tensile Strength65 Lbs
Optimal Bundle Diameter4 1/2"
Width1 Inch
ManufacturerSecure™ Cable Ties
Fire RatingsFAR 25.853(A)-1995
Fire RatingsFMVSS NO. 302-1972
Weight (Lbs)0.03
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