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Electrical Tape
Google receives an ever increasing number of searches for the word electrical tape from users who are seeking more information about a seemingly simple everyday item. So, here is the ultimate guide to your electrical tape queries. This guide has enough information to satisfy the history buff, the DIY customer or the one who is just looking for some background information on the stuff he/she may buy... continue
What is CSA?
CSA international stands for Canadian Standards Association. CSA International is a part of the CSA Group. It is a provider of certification and therefore a thorough product testing for various plumbing, mechanical, electrical and a plethora of other products. These certification marks gather recognition in the U.S, Canada and various countries throughout the world... continue
What is UL?
Underwriters Laboratories, abbreviated as UL is a safety organization that tests products pertaining to certain strict international standards. Therefore, you can call it a certification company similar to CSA, but located in Northbrook, Illinois. However, their reach is vast and their agency branches span across 46 countries... continue